A Full Spectrum Of Legal Help

The Huskey Firm is committed to providing legal support to individuals and businesses when they most need it.

Serving in Manchester for more than 40 years, our attorneys offer assistance across a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Family law — In matters arising from divorce and related concerns, we work to protect your assets and your relationships with your children.
  • Criminal defense — Tennessee laws punish criminal offenses severely. Our firm strives to assert our clients' rights and obtain the best possible outcomes.
  • Business law — We provide help in establishing contracts and resolving disputes through litigation to keep your enterprise running smoothly.
  • Personal injury — If you have suffered an injury as a result of someone else's actions, we can help you maximize your monetary compensation.

A Personal Approach To The Law

In all matters, we work closely with the clients we represent. Legal processes are confusing; our lawyers take care to inform our clients of their options, and provide them the knowledge to make sound decisions.

We are skilled in negotiation, and have a wealth of experience working with opposing counsel, insurance companies, businesses, and legal authorities to obtain favorable legal outcomes for our clients. Yet over the years we have developed a reputation for aggressiveness and effectiveness at trial. If a dispute cannot be settled outside the courtroom, we are always prepared to represent our clients in litigation.

Reach Out To Us

To learn more about our services, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 931-728-1800 or schedule a consultation online.